Christmas Carepack Campaign

Fill a backpack and help a youth at risk

Green Thumb Landscaping and Leading Stars are working together to gather donations from the community to create Christmas Carepacks for our homeless or at risk youths.

Donations of any kind are welcome. Community awareness and support go a long way. These kids have not been given a fair chance.

If we work together we are giving them more than a backpack, we are giving them opportunity and hope. How do we save the world? One single act of kindness at a time.

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Make A Donation 

We have set up a fundraiser for the 2017 Christmas Carepack Campaign on our Facebook page.
Our goal is to raise $2000. For more information or to make a donation click the donate button.



Let a Youth at Risk know that someone cares.
It could make all the difference!

In Canada, youth make up about 20% of the homeless population.
Mortality rates amongst youth experiencing homelessness are quite high, conservative estimate of up to 11 times the general youth population.
61% of youth reported being either physically or sexually abused by an adult at some point in their lives.

Several studies have found that youth experiencing homelessness have disproportionately been involved in child protection services or foster care in their lives. This number ranges from close to 30 to 49%.
Approximately 40% of homeless teens identify as LGBT.


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